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Hop Step Inn | The winter in HAKONE
Hopstepinn Is A Budget Accommodation Which Is Located A Convenient Area In Tokyo And Offers Comfortable Stay With A Cheap Price But Provides All Necessary Things.
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The winter in HAKONE

The winter in HAKONE

Hi guys!! How are you??

You will easily have a cold and flu in winter.

So we need to wash our hands, also drinking tea is good!!


Anyway, let me introduce one of the most popular tourist destinations, called HAKONE!!

Hakone is famous as the resort area with a bunch of hot springs and people visit there to get away from the busy life.


HAKONE is near from Tokyo and it’s easy to get there.

I went there with my boyfriend♡

First, we bought HAKONE free pass at Shinjuku station.

If you have this ticket, you can take express trains, buses, aerial cable cars!!

But if you want  to take the Romance car (Special express train), you need to buy another tickets for it.

You can get more information from this link.


From Tokyo to HAKONE YUMOTO station, it takes around 80 min♪


Recommend place near the station is…

・Main Street where you can buy souvenirs and dine at some restaurants

・So-un temple with the seasonal flowers

・Tamadare (Water fall) which is known for its spiritual power


After the sightseeing… let’s go to the hotel!!!!!!

Get the bus from Hakone yumoto station.


After 20 min… we arrived at the hotel!

This hotel, Nest Inn Hakone, is located in the mountain range of Hakone which includes a restaurant, cafe, the common space, and sweet rooms.

You’ll actually feel like living in the forest!(*’▽’)



Have breakfast and dinner at this restaurant.

Those ornaments are so pretty at night! Feels like some fairies living here!



The modern atmosphere with the wide view of the water… so cool!



This is the common space where you can hangout whenever you want.

They have snacks and board games in there✭

↑Tea and snacks

↑ Means ”I got crazy for you at first sight”♥


↑Listen to your favorite songs from the two audio speakers set on the corner♬


And our room is….





Keep it simple and modern.

Quite fashionable but moderate, which let us relax and be in calm….


My boyfriend Y…. (The BEST!!!)



If you walk down the beautiful hallway in the forest….



You will find the hot spring which is kept fresh all the time by the clear water from O-waku valley.

They have the huge common bath and Roten buro (outdoor bath), and I highly recommend the one outside!

How was my Hakone diary?

  Nest Inn Hakone is the best place to have a rest on your anniversary or treat yourself.

                                                                               Warm up your body and have a memorable trip💕

Front staff Ikaroina with Y.