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Hop Step Inn | Bicycle TRIP
Hopstepinn Is A Budget Accommodation Which Is Located A Convenient Area In Tokyo And Offers Comfortable Stay With A Cheap Price But Provides All Necessary Things.
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Bicycle TRIP

Bicycle TRIP

Hello guys.

It has been a little while ago,I met some guys who came in japan for traveling by bicycle.

They were planning on going to south of japan first and then they started their travel from there where is most .

We talked many story where we have been in this world, what is the best plan and how to easier  a cycling trip in Japan.

I was trying to explain them about which area is nice and wonderful place in japan but i could not….

Because i never been to Kyushu,Shikoku and Hokkaido before.

When i was living Australia,I have stayed with Italian guy and we decided on cycling, camping and carrying with our things with us.

When planning a trip, there are lots of places to go. Cycling shops in Australia often have knowledge of local roads and share routes in the area. There are also many blogs by resident cyclists which chronicle their journeys.

And i was really lucky that i could have a nice dishes who my friend make me wonderful dishes all the time.


No matter what your cycling level or where you’re located, start looking around at bike shops and online for cycling groups. Some areas are lucky enough to have rails to trails, group rides, or other local cycling/outdoor  groups that coordinate rides or can connect you with those who do.

If you’re seriously considering touring, it helps to get to know a bike mechanic who will be able to help you set up your current bike, or steer you towards a new one with a frame that is durable and sturdy enough to carry weight.

If you’re not sure what you want to do, try going for rides and getting into it. In the early summer mornings, Japan’s roads are ready and waiting to be rode on!!!!