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Hop Step Inn | team★Lab
Hopstepinn Is A Budget Accommodation Which Is Located A Convenient Area In Tokyo And Offers Comfortable Stay With A Cheap Price But Provides All Necessary Things.
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Hi guys!

Have you ever been to 【team★Lab】already??

I really really wanted to visit, and I finally made it!!


What is the teamLab??

 TeamLab is a consortium of artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians, architects and graphic designers.

You can buy tickets from this link!!


If you want to go there, you should buy tickets early!!

Though I had tickets, I still had to line up. (I guess I waited for 25 min.)


But the museum was amazing!!


People seemed to be really enjoying!!

Some people just saw around, and others took pictures, and kids looked so exited!!


This booth was really popular!!

The color of the light changes every time.


It felt like an adventure…  I enjoyed as a kid:)



Staff  MiKA♪