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Hop Step Inn | Summer event in Tokyo
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Summer event in Tokyo

Summer event in Tokyo

Hello!  I’m Kazuya.

It is first time to write a blog.

I will try to post blogs to tell you about Japan and Tokyo from now on!


Today, I am going to introduce Japanese traditional event in summer.

In Japan, fire work is one of the famous summer festival.

It is hold in various area in Japan. It is so beautiful and  magnificent!

Of course, it is hold in Tokyo.  This time, I will introduce a fire work festival in Tokyo.


In Tokyo, “Sumidagawa fireworks” is the most famous fireworks festival in Tokyo.

This festival have been hold since 1978.

There will be 20,000 fireworks launched in this fireworks festival in the festival.


This year, Sumidagawa fireworks festival will be hold in July 27.

The hour is from 7 pm to 8:30 pm.


If you are interested in , let’s go see this wonderful festival!!!

You can go see the festival for free however it is so crowed every year.  Fortunately, sumidagawa fireworks is  broadcasted on TV.

If you do not like crowd of people, I recommend you to  watch TV.


And I have an idea for people who  are thinking about going to the event.

In Japan, it will rain suddenly in summer. So I think  it would be better for you to bring umbrella.


If you see Sumidaga fireworks festival, it must be good summer memory in Japan!!!