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Hi there!

I’m here again to invite you to the world of convenience store foods.

Today’s convenience store I will show you is “Family Mart”, called Famima among Japanese people.

Famima is one of the largest convenience store companies in Japan.

Also, it has many branches in Asia … like Vietnam and the Philippines.


So yeah, let’s see the 5 best items from Famima!


1. Japanese-style Tuna Mayonnaise Onigiri

Though we all know that tuna-mayo onigiri(rice ball) is just so good….

This Japanese tuna-mayo is next level!

The combination of tuna-mayo and the taste of say sauce and bonito is literally the best:))

If you’re tired of the normal tuna-mayo, this is the thing for you



2. Noko Umakara Tan Tan Men

My friend from the US actually told me “This is the best food I’ve ever eaten in Japan! “XD

It sounds crazy, but yeah this noodle is actually killing it.

Good for lunch, dinner, or midnight snack:)



3. Tsukune Stick


I picked one from hot snack section, you can order it at the cashier.

Tsukune is chicken bolls which is made from chicken, onions, yolks and potato starches.

They are greasy and the “tare sauce” which tastes similar to BBQ sauce make them even better.

Make sure you get a beer when you try tsukene.  It goes so well with beers☺



4.Chocolate Old-Fashion  Doughnut

You know, today, almost all convenience stores sell old-fashion doughnuts at the bread section.

But seriously, though, no one can beat the chocolate old-fashion from Famima.

This doughnut is buttery and sweet but not dry at all.

Also, it’s crunchy outside like a cookie and soft inside, which makes it awesome…. love it.



5. Taberu Bokujo Milk (Milk Ice cream)

Image result for 食べる牧場ミルク

Taberu Bokujo Milk means “Milk from the farm you can eat”.

As it says on the package, this ice cream tastes quite rich as if you were eating the fresh milk from the farm.

So yeah, it’s satisfying for milk lovers for sure.

Also, some people decorate it with some fruits and make it original.

You can find them on IG with this hashtag #食べる牧場ミルク, they are all instagamable.

So, how was the convenience store tour?

btw Famima started PayPal as the paying option, just so you know:)

Okay well, I’ll get back to you soon with another convenience store adventure next time!

See ya’all soon!