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Hop Step Inn | Enoshima in Summer!
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Enoshima in Summer!

Enoshima in Summer!

Hello guys~

This is Hiro, how you doin’? 😎 *Joey from Friends


Today I gonna show you my favorite place, “Enoshima 江ノ島”!

Enoshima is a small island just slightly west of Kamakura.


Especially Enoshima in Summer is amazing because of shining the sea and mountains.

You can go there from our hotel in 2 hours by train.

[Oji Sta.] -> [Ofuna Sta.] -> [Shonan-Enoshima]

A little bit far a way from here? But you should go because it’s worth it!


Enoshima has many attractive spots so I’ll show you some part of them.


This is Enoden 江ノ電!

The Enoden Line is small but famous line because it’s sometimes featured in a drama or movie.

You can enjoy the local atmosphere and beautiful view from the window.


This is Enoshima Shrine.

It consists of three separate shrine that are located in different places around the island.


This is gorgeous view from Iwaya Caves which is the beginning place of the history of Enoshima.

It caves so the in side of this is colder than out side.

You can’t see the historical and beautiful view without going through the cave.


Don’t forget to eat tasty food!

Enoshima has many restaurant and street foods.

The most famous food is “Takosen たこせん” which is a rice cracker made of octopus.

Yep, it’s good~

Summer in Tokyo is really hot so I recommend to eat Matcha taste of ice shaves.


The last one is “Enoshima sea candle”.

It’s a symbol of Enoshima. The lights at night is nice.


Enoshima has wonderful nature and stunning beaches so it’s so good for guys who like summer and sea!

I’ll go to there next in this summer yay!


In this summer, why not go to there?