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Hop Step Inn | How to spend a rainy day in Tokyo
Hopstepinn Is A Budget Accommodation Which Is Located A Convenient Area In Tokyo And Offers Comfortable Stay With A Cheap Price But Provides All Necessary Things.
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How to spend a rainy day in Tokyo

How to spend a rainy day in Tokyo

Hello! This is Hibiki from front desk!

If it is rainy when you travel to Tokyo, I recommend you a spot where you don’t get wet and bored!

That place is called….. National Museum of Western Art in Ueno!

(In Ueno, there are many museums, but I am going to introduce the one of those. If you want to know other options, just google “Museums in Ueno” 🙂


You can reach there by taking JR train (Keihin Tohoku Line) just around 10 minutes from Oji station where Hop Step Inn is, and their  fee of  the permanent collection is just 500 yen for Adults, 250 yen for University students,and free for people who are under 18 years old and over 65 years old! Don’t you think it is very reasonable to enjoy artworks around the world with this price???


Moreover, I’m going to tell you more information about this place! This building has registered as one of the World Cultural Heritage in 2016 that was built by Le Corbusier who is a famous French architect!!  It is first spot which registered as the World Cultural Heritage in Tokyo!

You can enjoy not only artwork exhibition, but also the building of National Museum of Western Art; however, a lot of museums prohibit taking pictures. Then,You may feel “No… I want to keep my favorite in my photo folder….!” ,so I have a good news for you who think in same way as me!

You are allowed to take pictures of permanent collection in National Museum of Western Art (with exceptions) !!!!!!


Then,  you can take pictures with your favorite artworks~~!!! How cool it is~~!!??

So, here is my favorite artwork from the National Museum of Western Art :))

Do you think it is an artwork!!?? Their cheeks are just like real!!! Awww… I almost touched it…!

You will definitely find your favorite here;)

How about going to Ueno and enjoy some artworks on a rainy day???