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Hop Step Inn | Cheap and High Quality, Henna Tattoo in PH
Hopstepinn Is A Budget Accommodation Which Is Located A Convenient Area In Tokyo And Offers Comfortable Stay With A Cheap Price But Provides All Necessary Things.
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Cheap and High Quality, Henna Tattoo in PH

Cheap and High Quality, Henna Tattoo in PH

Hi guys:)

Have you ever tried Henna Tattoo?

Henna Tattoo is a kind of body paintings that lasts almost 1 week, which is popular in Southeast Asia.

It’s worth trying if you wanna get a tattoo-ish just for the short time or want a real one but hate the pain. lol


I recently had a chance to get one in the Philippines.

It was around 100 peso ($2). SO CHEAP!


You can choose the design from their tattoo art books.

Also It’s totally fine to find one on the Internet and show it to the artists.

The price changes depending on the design and the size, so make sure to ask how much it will cost.


btw, Valentines’ Day is a big deal for Filipinos.

In PH, usually men ask women out for romantic dates with flowers and presents.

I also saw many flowers and heart balloons everywhere on the street:)


When you’re back from abroad and craved your comfort food so much….:P

and one last thing! You can get a henna in Tokyo as well though it’s a bit pricey compared to PH.

  Try getting one if you’re interested!