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Hop Step Inn | Privacy policy
Hopstepinn Is A Budget Accommodation Which Is Located A Convenient Area In Tokyo And Offers Comfortable Stay With A Cheap Price But Provides All Necessary Things.
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Privacy policy

HopStepInn (hereafter referred to as “hotel”) will use and safeguard guests personal information in accordance with the Standards for Protection of Personal Information formulated. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our guests through initiatives to systematically train personnel who will handle personal information, establish an internal controls system, and ensure secure operation of information networks.


[ Handling of Personal Information ]

Such collected Personal Information will be used for the following purposes:

・Reservation and query:

Hostel will answer the offer of reservation and the query, which is main purpose of the application form.

・Dispatch of e-mail newsletters

Hostel will inform users who agreed to receiving e-mail newsletters by the application form of any event plan or lodging plan by Hostel and its affiliates. User can change or unsubscribe it at any time by himself/herself.

・Other communication

Hostel may communicate with user by e-mail, phone or letter if need arises at Hostels discretion.


[ Use of Cookie ]

We use Cookie to provide more comfortable reading environment to visitor who visit in our site.
When we refuse acceptance of Cookie by setting of browser, it may not function normally. By setting of browser, please admit acceptance of Cookie.


[About coding communication]

“SSL” is a method that encodes information and transmits it in such condition. SSL is a function for the purpose of enhancing user’s convenience of this Website, and is not a function for the purpose of identifying user’s Personal Information. An inquiry form of this Website is SSL-enabled. SSL protects user’s Personal Information, by which users can transmit information to Hostel securely.


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